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Text Input

Transform a Figma text layer into a textual input field. Any text layer in Figma can serve as the basis for a Text Input block. The text contained in the Figma layer will serve as the field’s placeholder. The size of the text box will determine how much a user can type before the text overflows and the field becomes horizontally scrollable. You can specify what type of input you expect from the dropdown within the plugin

Input Ports

Trigger [ trigger, optional ]
By default the Text Input block will generate a textual value as output for each detected keystroke (i.e. as soon as the user types something). If the optional Trigger port is connected the block will only generate output when a trigger is received (e.g. from a button click).

Output Ports

Text [ text ]
Contains the text typed into the input field.

Effect Ports

Default [ text, optional ]
Allows you to set the default value of the input field.

Updated on October 17, 2022

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