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Number Input

Transform a Figma text layer into a numerical input field. Any text layer in Figma can serve as the basis for a Number Input block. The text contained in the layer will serve as the field’s placeholder. The size of the text box will determine how much a user can type before the text overflows and the field becomes horizontally scrollable. You can specify minimum and maximum values within the plugin.

Input Ports

Trigger [ trigger, optional ]
By default the Text Input block will generate a textual value as output for each detected keystroke (i.e. as soon as the user types something). If the optional Trigger port is connected the block will only generate output when a trigger is received (e.g. from a button click).

Output Ports

Number [ numerical ]
Contains the text typed into the input field.

Effect Ports

Default [ numerical, optional ]
Allows you to set the default numerical value of the input field.

Updated on October 17, 2022

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